Thursday, September 25, 2014

GWC Team!


The God's chosen land in God's Own Country beckons You!!!

This land locked destination was hitherto unknown to the outside world until the advent of the British. But once the deadlock into this breathtaking haven was broken,tourists began to arrive from far and  wide. Primary attractions of this landscape,cradled in the crest of Western Ghats are the lovely freshwater lakes, incredible array of flora & fauna, the rich green valleys as well as the ubiquitous cascades. Wayanad indeed keeps you spellbound with it's magical mystique & oriental old world virginity.

 The best time to visit Wayanad would be just aftet the South-West monsoon,say, after September. If you are a quentessential archetypal naturalist,the monsoon showers with all it's sound & fury,awaits in June-July-August. Summers (March to May) are hot but pleasant with the cool breeze emanating from the densely wooded forest landscapes nearby,rejuvenating your mind & body. Generally,Wayanad boasts of an equitable climate all through out the year with four distinct seasons.        
Soak in the bountiless pleasures that this myriad landscape has to offer! A trek to the Edakkal caves is indeed a peep into our own history. If that is not enough, enjoy a wild safari inside the jungles of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, getting to see Asian Elephants,Indian Bisons & maybe even a Royal Bengal Tiger!

Ample opportunities for boating are available at Pookode & Karalad lakes,apart from hydel tourism at Banasura Sagar Dam. Exotic locales such as Kuruva Island and the primeval Thirunelly Temple also offer a wide range of options to the discerning traveller.

Once again,Welcome to  Wayanad.